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Nero: Fit and Happy as a Fiddle (August 2003)
Nero: Fit and Happy as a Fiddle (August 2003)

Nero was adopted by a great family yesterday. They were sooo excited, and I was too...that he was going to a home where they really wanted an energetic smart dog to walk and train and love. I wanted to go home with these people!!

Yet another miracle in my mind... this poor dog found with a broken leg who wouldn't walk or eat. Now a precious member of a loving family. Yay!!

Max-imum Love (July 2003)
Max-imum Love (July 2003)

From Terrie, the foster:

This little guy, Max, was rescued by Katie from the shelter one Saturday. Actually the people never made it officially into the shelter with him. Katie saw max when they brought him in, his family was moving to New York and could not take him. Their young son, maybe 9 years old, was crying buckets of tears at having to give Max up. Katie brought him directly to the CARE Woof-a-Palooza from the shelter and we took him to foster. He was an absolute joy, funny as can be. We had lots of applications on him when his picture hit the website. The family that caught our fancy is from Delaware and had other daschunds. One had passed away and they wanted a companion for themselves and their remaining dog. They sounded like a great family, they drove all the way from Delaware to get him. The rest of the story is below. It is a heartbreaker but also a happy ending.


It's funny that you should email me now....I have been thinking of your role in bringing Max to us...and just started to email you when I received you email!

I just wanted to take the time to truly thank you for your role in bringing Max into our lives. So, from everyone in our family - 'Thank you!'

Max is an angel and a devil all wrapped into one beautiful little boy. He has brought an enormous amount of joy into our lives and that of his new little sister. After we brought Max home, Tiffany (our mini) began to show an obvious decline in health. She was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease a few months ago and treatment was not helping her. Max fell in love with her. He followed her around, enticed her to play, laid quietly next to her when she was too exhausted to move, kissed and nuzzled her as she slept, and never left her side. He shared his treats and bones with her and even made room for her in his crate. By the way, she had never of her own will set foot in a crate or cage. Attached is a picture of this amazing happening. Tiffany had a broken heart from the loss of her lifelong companion, our little boy mini Fivel. Max helped ease her pain and brought her the warmest and most loving companionship. Max began to sleep next to her in my daughter's bed. Tiffany grew to have problems breathing at night and periods of hyperventilating. Max never left her side. He would even alert my daughter of Tiffany's distress. Tiffany never went outside...we paper trained her because she hated being outside. With Max here, she began to beg to go out with him. She never ventured too far into the grass, but waited patiently on the patio for him to come back. Two weeks ago, we lost our beautiful baby girl and Max lost his new sister. Max knew what was happening and when we returned from the Vet, he howled and cried for about an hour or so....then he laid quietly with my daughter and comforted her and kissed away her tears.

Max has grown very quickly in our hearts and nothing could ever come between us. We wholly and completely love Max. He has truly grown into his personality. We have discovered that Max loves to watch Animal Planet! He watches the television and gets very excited when he sees dogs or cats. He has also learned to recognize the horses grazing across the street...when he sees horses on television he gets very excited and yippy.

He is such a beautiful soul. Unfortunately, he is also very lonely and needs a companion. My daughter and I have begun looking for a new brother or sister for Max. Just last night we saw an adorable little baby on Suprisingly, he is in Greensboro, NC! He actually looks like Max...and is almost the same age. We are going to fill out an application today. His name is Charlie and he is at Forever Friends Adoptions. They say he is a Manchester Terrier/Dachshund mix. I think they could be long lost brothers! Well, maybe new brothers. Anyway, Max is blossoming wonderfully. I have included some pictures of him. He is definitely growing...he's about 20 pounds now....and still growing ;o) Thank you again for everything and I will continue to keep you updated on Max! Have a great day!

Minnie Goes to the Beach (July 2003)
Minnie Goes to the Beach (July 2003)

From Katie, the foster:

Here's the note from Minnie's new mom... Looks like it's a done deal. Kathe and her son Walter drove here from Pine Knoll Shores near Emerald Isle on Saturday, and picked Minnie up from Phydeaux. They live one street back from the shore, so Minnie gets to go for walks on the beach every day. I knew if I held out long enough, I'd find the perfect home for her.....


All three of us have fallen in love with Minnie. She was excellent on the car ride home. She enjoys sleeping under her own blanket with Walter. She is soooo sweet. We are totally enjoying her. Please feel free to stop by and see her in October when you visit the island.

You may most certainly turn in our contract. Minnie is in her forever home.

Thank you so much.

Kathe, Jim & Walter
Our Bud Billy (July 2003)
Our Bud Billy (July 2003)

Hey there!

I thought you might like an update on our bud Billy.

You were right, he is so sweet and so lovey...just a total sweetie. And yes, you were also right about the chewing. I have spent the past day or two 'puppy proofing' the house and he still manages to find something (anything except his toys) to chew past recognition. I guess he thought it was time for us to get a new vacuum cleaner since he chewed through the cord while I was in the shower. I never really liked that vaccuum anyway. He also must have had some problems with the records and info file you left with me, he took it off the night stand while I was asleep and had his way with it. Luckily he must have gotten tired of it before any real damage was done.

He is really starting to feel at home in the backyard. He loves to run circles around Madison while she just looks at him like he's crazy. I'm trying to teach him to far he will chase the ball, mess with it for a few, and then come running back to me only without the ball. We'll get it figured out soon.

His eye seems to be doing fine. I have been staying on top of his medicine and it doesn't seem to be bothering him.

Well, more later! We will check in again soon.

Billy and Cathie
From the Country to the 3rd Floor (July 2003)
From the Country to the 3rd Floor (July 2003)

The country dog finds a forever home in a 3rd floor apartment!

Lily wandered around in the country until she lucked out and found a C.A.R.E. volunteer's yard during one of the coldest days in January. Her beautiful face on the website made Sarah decide it was Lily or no one! After all, Tim had his pet cat, Ozzie, so why not find a great dog to go jogging with?

The initial visit to the apartment was a bit scary, climbing all those stairs. But living on the 3rd floor didn't keep Lily from fitting into her forever family beautifully. She goes walking by lakes, runs free in the next door outdoor track and feels right at home as an apartment dog. It'll be great when her humans finally buy a house with a fenced in yard, but learning to walk on a leash sure has benefits. Definitely, a happy ending.
We, and our Shadow... (July 2003)
We, and our Shadow... (July 2003)

Good morning Pam,

Thought I would give you an update on 'Jazzie', now known as Shadow in our home. He really is wonderful and brings many happy moments to us. Come to think of it, they are not moments, but instead they are days. He is beginning to feel more secure all the time. We renamed him Shadow because he follows me everywhere I go and when unable to do that he will find Floyd and follow him. He will still not walk in front or to the side of us at any time, which leads us to believe he has been kicked many times and does not trust anyone's foot. There have been other signs of abuse but he is really making headway with his trust of us. He thinks that his rightful place is on my lap at all times and the floor only be used as a means to get from one place to another. His supply of kisses is never ending!!

So far we have only left him alone for about an hour and he has not been a problem with that. In time we will lengthen it , but not until we are sure that he trusts us to come back to him. Each time we have returned he has covered us with his kisses and been beside himself with pleasure.

We took him to our vet for the last shot and so that our vet is familiar with him and has all the current medical records. Our vet remembers how much we loved our dog 'Max' and was pleased we had finally found another pet. We were also able to have our former groomer, even though she has retired, come to the house and give Shadow a very nice haircut. He looks like a beautiful puppy now and when the hair grows out it will all be the same length. I will send you a picture soon.

Pam, we thank you, your husband, Peg and Derryl, and all the special people like you who care about these wonderful animals enough to insure a safe and loving life for them. All the work that you do results in so very much pleasure for so many of us and we will forever be in your debt. Shadow will, for the rest of his life, have the best home and love that any pet can possibly have--I promise.

And yes, you can cash the check. It's the best money we have spent in a very long time.

Our best to you, Barbara and Floyd
New Year's Pup Gets Agile (June 2003)

Dear CARE,

We adopted 1 of Sydney's puppies that was born on New Year's day. We love him sooo much - he is a great companion for everyone in the family!!! He gets along great with other animals, and behaves very well. We named him Arlo and we are very glad that we could give him a loving home!!! He enjoys swimming and doing agility. If you know of somwhere where we can do agility with him at a real course we would really appreciate it.

Hannah (age 13)
Socrates: 'Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued' (June 2003)
Socrates: 'Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued' (June 2003)

We adopted Socrates (now Socrates Henry McGinley) on April 4th. Henry is a wonderful puppy and has fit right into our household. We really appreciate the time and effort that CARE volunteers spent to ensure that he was the right dog for us and that we were the right family for him. Our visits out to the Janssens' farm (where Henry was fostered) helped us get a better sense of his personality. So by the time we decided to bring him home for a trial weekend, we were hooked!

Thank you so much for connecting us to our wonderful doggie. Henry is very happy with us and we feel so fortunate to have him as the newest member of our family! Even our cats are beginning to warm up to him :)

Karen and Paul
Two Cats Are Always Better Than One (June 2003)

Prissy (formerly known as Twiggy) and Gracie (formerly known as Suzette) are doing great! At first Prissy seemed a little put out that we had brought home another 'baby' to take over her queen status. But, within a day or two, they were getting along just fine. They love to tussle and run through our house. Prissy began as the dominate female but occasionally Gracie will 'take charge' and whomp up on her. They wrestle and play together and we laugh until we cry!

Prissy and Gracie went to the vet last weekend. They were 3.75 and 3.25 pounds respectively and seem to be growing as we watch! Prissy played the 'sick kitten' for us after her shot. She played that 'I'm sore' thing to the hilt! Gracie took everything in stride.

When I come upstairs to get on the computer, they love to run up the stairs and fly into the computer room. They then proceed to jump up on my lap (of course, one at a time). Prissy usually sits on the left-hand side of the desk (or behind the monitor) and Gracie usually sits on my lap! Prissy just seems to look at her with the questioning look, 'Why are you sitting in my spot?' Sometimes Gracie will lie at the top of the keyboard! They are a comical pair.

We set up a 'play pen' area in the middle of the den for them. They have one of the carrying crates near the pen, a scratching post, another toy that has a base and a fuzzy ball attached to it, along with several mini bean bag toys that they play around with. They especially enjoy the flexible rod with the feathers and bell on the end. Boy, they carry that thing around like a prize! And they also jump up in the air after it. We have laughed and laughed over Prissy. She likes to balance on top of the scratching post and 'leap' for the feathers. She is quite an acrobat!

All, in all, they are doing wonderful. Prissy loves on me at night and Gracie loves on my husband, Sawyer. In fact, Gracie sleeps on his pillow between his head and the headboard! What a sight!

They certainly have brought lots of joy into our household!

P.S. The vet told us that Prissy is part Maine Coon. That accounts for the little hairy 'wings' behind her face, long hairs in the ears and long hair on the bottom of her feet! Mystery solved. We call her the 'little Maine Coon.'

And everyone who has seen Gracie says she is the most beautiful colored tabby they have ever seen. She does have a silvery look to her and we think her tummy looks like a tortoise shell. Can't wait to see her as she matures.

Thanks again for letting us adopt Prissy and Gracie!
Gremlin Proves Cats Have at Least Two Lives (June 2003)

Picture:animals4/happy_gremlin.jpgGremlin, a beautiful, brown mackerel tabby, was trapped, for reasons still unknown, and taken to the animal shelter. Just before his time was up at the shelter, a CARE foster home took him in. He spent the first three weeks under the bed, wanting to play, but too afraid (or ornery) to do so. Then along came some wonderful folks who saw the beauty and charm Gremlin tried so hard to hide. The rest is history:

Jenna and Ken Welcome New Kitten into their Swingin' Raleigh Pad!

Gremlin Glimmerglass!

Gremlin comes from the same Chatham Animal Rescue organization that also gave us Harry (a twenty pound grey tabby with white). While Harry was born into a CARE home, Gremlin was captured in the wild and rescued from an animal shelter. He obviously earned the name Gremlin because of his growly little voice and feisty demeanor.

Harry has seen the attention Gremlin gets with his vociferous grewling and has made his musical voice a little more Satchmo consequently. Harry and Gremlin are still coming to terms with their Odd Couple relationship. While Harry is finicky, but fat, Gremlin is fur and bones and will eat anything, even really chewy pasta.
Cameron's First Birthday Party (June 2003)
Cameron's First Birthday Party (June 2003)

Hi Nadean!

We just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Cameron. Today was his first birthday (at least we guesstimated it to be today!) and he had a nice little party with his brother and sister and his aunt and uncle. Of course he also received lots of presents and love from everyone on his big first birthday. We even took him to the Raleigh dog park this morning as his birthday surprise! He did fantastic and had a great time!!

He's been such a joy these past few months. We are just so happy that we had the opportunity to bring him home. We couldn't have asked for a better dog. He has been wonderful to us, our friends when they come over, and most importantly, his brother and sister. Cameron and Dennis play ALL the time! It's really great.:)

Well, I hope that you get a kick out of the pictures! Thanks so much again for everything!

Courtnay and Andy Borleske along with Cameron, Dennis, and Capri
Sasha's Journey to a Forever Home (June 2003)
Sasha's Journey to a Forever Home (June 2003)

It is with very mixed emotions that I report that our dear Sasha has been adopted, after 1 year and 3 months of living with us at Hill Creek. Those of you who know him understand that Sasha is one special boy, and was also a little tricky in the adoption department. Last Wednesday Brad, a Domestic Violence Investigator for Chatham Co., came to Hill Creek to inquire whether we could foster a parrot and two parakeets for a victim who was at the shelter. He met Sasha and was immediately taken with him. The feeling seemed mutual, as our boy let Brad cradle him for quite a while. Dr. Bonnie blabbed that Sasha was still up for adoption, at which I must confess that I almost grabbed my Pumpkin love from Brad! But I gave the matter little thought, until I came to work Friday to discover an application for Sasha! Brad hadcome in Thursday (my day off) and filled out an app, and worse, took a picture of our treasure to show his family! He was hoping to take Sasha home for a trial run over the weekend. It was with a very heavy heart that I called him to tell him that would be fine. Although I was in tears several times during the day at the thought of Sasha leaving, I managed to pull myself together when Brad and his very nice family arrived to take him. I went over some of his peculiarities, and gave them his special bed and food. I took him back to get a Rabies booster, which is when Elke realized he was actually going. She picked him up and started to cry, at which point my composure crumbled. I was literally sobbing as I brought Sasha back up front and put him in his carrier. I know that Brad and his wife felt bad, they had tears in their eyes. But I was thinking of what Sasha stood to gain, so I handed him over. (I must say here that Dr. Bonnie had conveniently retired to her office...Tammy very stoically held her gaze elsewhere and waited until they had gone to leave the clinic and burst into tears.)

The selfish part of my heart was hoping that he would bite everyone in the family and so be returned to the only home he has ever known. Sasha has been happy with us, particularly in the last couple of months since he was given total freedom in the front of the clinic. His cage had been removed, and he wasn't even put in the office overnight. He repaid our trust in him by being a model clinic cat, sweet and mellow, pretty much ignoring the lowly dogs that came in. I think his recent happiness is what made this so difficult for me. Still, Sasha deserves a real home of his own, with someone to love and share the bed with him. I knew that if he could make itanywhere it would be with Brad and his family.

Today Brad came by to tell us that Sasha is doing great. He was a little upset the first night, but had already decided that Brad was his person. He will let the other family members pet him, but will then go sit with Brad. He gave me a wonderful visual...Sasha likes to climb on the back of his recliner and lay his head on Brad's shoulder! And this very sweet man just wanted to make sure that I was OK, and that I really wanted to give up Sasha. He said that he had seen women cry less than I did when he took their children from them! I told him that Sasha was a very special cat and that I just wanted the very best for him. It seems that this was just meant to be.

Kim - a very special thank you for bringing this wonderful creature into my life. I know that you will understand both my sorrow and joy that he has found his forever home.



I am pleased to report that my boy came for a visit today, and seems very happy! Brad dropped him off in the morning to get his distemper booster, and he stayed with us most of the day, hanging out in all his usual spots. It was great to see him! Tammy and I have suggested that Brad bring him by for 'day care' on a regular basis, and of course have told him we will happily 'board' Sasha if they ever go out of town. It would be nice to maintain regular contact, as he has been a big part of our lives.

Many people have many times asked me why I didn't take Sasha home myself, given that I love him so dearly. I may have hemmed and hawed about not needing a fifth cat (ha ha now I have seven) and that my husband would leave me, but the real reason is that I knew my house would not be a happy place for Sasha. I was really looking for a home with no other cats, or maybe a young female, and no indoor dogs. If no such home presented itself, then I felt that Sasha would be happiest at Hill Creek. Successful fostering depends on one's keeping the best interest of the animal in focus, even if that is in conflict with one's personal wishes. That is also the reason why I am keeping Hansel & Gretel, and Mowgli - there is no doubt that the best home for them is the one they currently have.

Take care, Deborah
Rescued Dogs Reunion (June 2003)
Rescued Dogs Reunion (June 2003)

Hi all.

Beate hosted a reunion at her house today for my Sam and his siblings, Casey, Nessie and Cooper. Helen was there as she fostered Sam and Cooper before I got them. Beate fostered Nessie (formerly Nikki) and Casey. Casey, Nessie, and Cooper were there with their families.. What a great reunion. There wasn't one growl all day, and they had the best time playing and eating treats... It's amazing how much they all look alike! Sam is the biggest at 110#, with Cooper close behind. The girls are somewhat smaller... all are beautiful and doing great. Attached is a picture of Sam (on the left) and Cooper waiting patiently for a treat.

I think a CARE alumni reunion would be a great event. These kids really had fun.

Rambogie Rap (June 2003)
Rambogie Rap (June 2003)

Rambogie Rap

I'm a cattle dog pup, oh can't you see?
With a little bit of Boxer and Chow in me.
I'm ruff
I'm tuff
I'm a big cream puff.

When your friends come to visit, they say 'oh my!'
Is it safe to be standing so close to that guy?
I stare
I glare
Throw my paws in the air.

When I'm at home I'm the boss of the pack.
Just do as I say or I'll jump on your back.
I'm the boss
I'm the Boss!
Don't make me cross.

But when Frances' doggies come out to play
They jump on my tail and I run away.
I'm a wimp
I'm a simp
I'm a tiny little shrimp.

When Mom says namaste I come to her and bow
I musta been a monk before I was a Chow.
I'm so fine
I'm divine
Was a heck of a find.

(If you want a swoochie pooch as special as me
You'll have to see Folks at the C.A.R.E. Facility.
They're dolls
That's all
Just give them a call.)

For Bogie, a cattle dog mix adopted from CARE.
A Peachy Adoption (June 2003)
A Peachy Adoption (June 2003)

Dear CARE,

We just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Addie ('Peaches') while she was in your care. Addie is now completely adjusted to her new home. She is excelling in her Puppy Head Start class and loving being socialized. She is doing great on her house training and only has accidents when we are not paying attention to her 'signs.' She has made friends with lots of the other neighborhood dogs, but really loves to be inside, taking naps on the couch with her butterfly and her mom and daddy. Thanks so much for a wonderful addition to our family!

Lori and Joe
Cooper and Abbie: Unwanted to Priceless (May 2003)
Cooper and Abbie: Unwanted to Priceless (May 2003)

These are the CARE puppies formerly known as Coop and Patty. It never ceases to amaze me how unwanted animals can so quickly turn into the light of someone's life. In their case, it was less than 2 weeks! -Carrie

Things are great with Cooper and Abbie, gosh I love them so much! They have adjusted really well, and the cat is even getting a little used to them. My vet said they look great and they will be getting their rabies shot the first of May (she wanted to wait until they were 4 mos. old). We started our Heartguard so I'm happy about that too.

I bought way too many toys and collars and chews, etc. etc.! LOL Oh well, I have backups. The potty training is going pretty good, they don't poop in the house anymore so now we're working on the peepee thing. I go home everyday at lunch to let them out and play with them a little.

They are adorable, and Cooper is gaining weight and growing like crazy, Abbie has gained weight too and she's gotten so much better about being petted and held. They even had their first bath, which went surprisingly well!

Oh, by the way, and I don't know if she's right...but my vet said she thought they were wire-hair terrier and beagle mix. And the more I looked at them, I think she's right about the beagle thing, Abbie has that beagle look and they both have beagle ears.

Vander: A Great Family Investment (April 2003)
Vander: A Great Family Investment (April 2003)

Vander's update: I just wanted to thank you all for the best kitty we have ever had. Vander follows my son (who is one & a half) everywhere he goes. They are the best of pals. Whenever my son leaves the house, he kisses Vander. Whenever he comes home, he kisses Vander. Whenever he goes to bed, you guessed it, he kisses Vander. Vander is so patient and loving with all of us. He has brought us so much joy. Thank you for rescuing him from the shelter, for your adoptive fairs, and foster families. He is a great family investment.

- Susan
Tyler and Ben (April 2003)
Tyler and Ben (April 2003)

Tyler is doing great! We LOVE him!! He is the sweetest thing! I got him the interceptor and front line, and gave him the interceptor yesterday (4/1) so he is on schedule with that. Tyler really loves our son, Ben. After Ben goes to bed at night we shut his door and Tyler lays on the floor outside his room crying for him. He loves it when they get home from school, because Ben will run with him in the yard and really play with him. I give him attention during the day, but I just don't play the way kids do. Ben cannot wait for the weekend so he can play with him all day.

I will mail back your collar soon; it might take me a few days to get to the post office because this is a very busy week. I will email when I've put it in the mail. You can go ahead and put the check in the bank. Thank you so much for everything!!
Pepper Spices Up Family (April 2003)
Pepper Spices Up Family (April 2003)

Thought everyone could use a 'happy ending' story. Attached are pictures of our handsome Pepper. Pepper was supposed to be foster dog, but was somewhat aggressive when he came from the shelter, so I decided to keep him. As it turns out, he has become a wonderful dog! He absolutely loves my daughter and would protect her to the end of the earth, he stays right on our property with no trouble, he LOVES to ride and is a great rider, and gets along great with my other dogs. He is quite a handsome prince, who is extremely gentle, in spite of his size! Pepper has added so much to our family, we're very lucky to have him! Sometimes, endings truly are happy!


Angel Answers Their Prayers (April 2003)
Angel Answers Their Prayers (April 2003)

Dear Karen,

Happy Easter! And a very special Easter it is! Thank you for your sacrifices. I am sure it was difficult to let go of such a special, loving kitty. She is wonderful! What a purr-box! We are enjoying her immensely and she is sweetly filling the void left by Sugar's passing.

We do have a couple questions. What food did she eat while with you? She has nibbled at the Purina One we have and turned her nose up at the wet Alpo sliced chicken with gravy. That is what we have fed all our cats for 4 years! Did she sleep with you at night? We would love her to, but last night she lay with us for a while at the foot and then went and found a spot in our closet. She may just be adjusting to her new home.

Thank you again for all you have done for homeless animals! You are a special person with a special gift and full of love! God will surely bless you!

Sincerely, Carme

P.S. We have renamed her Angel, since she was an answer to prayer! I've always known there were angels among us like Alabama's song says! They come in all forms!
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