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Nicole - Good Things Come to Those Who Wait? (March 2003)
Nicole - Good Things Come to Those Who Wait? (March 2003)

'Good things come to those who wait': I have never believed in this old adage. In my experience, good things come to people who work their rears off, and then only if you're lucky.

Here's the story. A week ago Saturday a couple came into the shelter crying. They had to return a dog they had adopted the day before because she tried to kill their 2 cats. They were reluctant to try out another shelter dog because they couldn't bear the heartbreak of possibly having to return another. All the volunteers thought they were great people.

I called the shelter Monday morning, and the director had been very impressed with them. She gave me their name and number. After a busy week, I called them Friday night. I chatted with Michael for over 30 minutes and told him everything I know about CARE and our animals (the Readers Digest version). He was oh so grateful that we existed. He wasn't aware there were such groups that already knew the animals' temperaments.

When I hung up, I knew that any CARE foster would be thrilled to have this guy apply for their dog. He was 1 in a million. I logged on email Sat morning and was pleased to see that he had already filled out an application. I opened it, and almost fell off my chair. It was for my foster dog Nicole! I knew there must be some mistake!

I swear, honest to turkey, I never mentioned her name, or any other dog's name, in our conversation. I wasn't trying to market a dog, just help this guy out.

He and his woman came to Petsmart yesterday to meet Nicole. It was love at first sight. He was even more wonderful in person than on the phone. He lay down on the floor and scratched Nicole's belly, she gave him big facekisses. His live in was equally as terrific. Another dog walked up and licked her face. She kissed the dog on the nose. At 4:30, Michael proudly walked out of Petsmart with Nicole.

I spent 20 minutes telling him that Nicole might be quite shy for several days. I spoke to him last night. After about 10 minutes of adjustment, she was introduced to their 7 month Golden Retriever mix, Charlie. They tore through the back yard for over an hour. Nicole then came in, gave Michael a full face bath, and fell asleep. When he fed the dogs, they ate out of the same bowl. When we chatted the dogs were playing in the house.

This same Nicole was still nervous after spending 2 weeks with a different family. This time, she found her people.

As strange as it is, for the first time in 8 months, Nicole was the belle of the ball at Petsmart. EVERYONE was interested in her. It's some weird pnenomenom I've seen before. Dog has no interest for several months, and then you need to clone her to make people happy!

Buddy Sawyer: Big, Goofy, Expensive...and Happy (March 2003)
Buddy Sawyer: Big, Goofy, Expensive...and Happy (March 2003)

To all,

I am notifying you to let you know that I have adopted out a dog. Most of you probably wonder why the heck I think you would care. Read on.

Buddy Sawyer is kind of a special dude. When he came to us, he was diagnosed with Addison's disease. This disease is rare in dogs, and even more rare in male dogs. I assure you he is a male, no female could be that klutzy.

Buddy can live a normal life and lifespan if he stays on medication. Problem is, it's not so cheap. His monthly medical bills are in excess of $100 a month, and that's just for the disease. So his adoption is a minor miracle, and a big relief on the CARE funds.

Buddy was 55 pounds when he came to us, looked like a purebred Golden Retriever. Then his head started to grow, along with everthing else. He is a GR/Great Pyrenees mix, 85 pounds now and still growing. Every pound he gains increases the cost of his medication, but he's not overweight.

Buddy is about a year old with the mental maturity of a 4 month old puppy. His 'hobbies' include counter surfing, a counter in Buddy terminology is any surface less than eight feet all (e.g. bedroom dressers, dining room table, bathroom vanity, top of dog crate, top of tv), jumping full force into your pelvis, stomach, or on shoulders, 'power' walking (dragging human to pavement), and eating 'different' things (e.g. sneakers, king size pillows, eyeglasses, eyeglass cases, leather purses, etc.).

Good news is the Budster doesn't have a mean bone in his body, he's 100% love machine. That is not really a bonus at 6 am when he pounces on the king size bed (I know that bed is about to collapse). He loves dogs and cats, although the cats have a special swear word for him. (except Tigger, Tigger has him well trained).

Don't ever think you have a cat or a dog that someone won't love and want to adopt. If Buddy can find a home, all of our animals can!

I'll miss your kisses, Buddy, but not your other hobbies!

Indiana Jones - The Adventure Continues (March 2003)
Indiana Jones - The Adventure Continues (March 2003)

Indy is definitely living up to our (and her foster mom's) expectations. We named her for Indiana Jones, never knowing that it would be such a great fit - she's energetic, adventurous, and so very playful! We have also been totally impressed with her brains - she picks up on things so quick. Indy is our 'high-achiever' puppy! We have her a bandana to wear too! She's trying desperately to make friends with her feline brothers - and they are starting to accept her as one of their one because she is just too playful! We love her and can definitely say this is a big happy ending for our family!

Thanks again! Jessie & Kip
Gabriel - Living Large (March 2003)
Gabriel - Living Large (March 2003)

This pup's CARE name was Eric (I thought he'd max out at 50 pounds!), and his siblings were Freddy, Markie, Maxie, Talulah, and Ripley....They were the pups rescued near Jordan Lake. All found wonderful homes!

Here's the note from Eric's parents:


I hope you remember us; we are the couple that adopted one of your fosters in August. I don't remember the name he had when he was with you, but he was one of the litter of 6 abandoned at Jordan Lake. He has two lighter patches behind his shoulder blades that you called wings, so we renamed him Gabriel. He is now a healthy 10 month old spoiled baby, and the older he gets the more like a Mastiff he looks. He is around 85 pounds now and is the most beautiful dog we have ever seen. We always get compliments on him when we are out on our walks. I wanted to send some of the newest pictures. They are not the greatest, but you can still see the wings. Thanks for taking such good care of him until we found our perfect puppy.

Michelle and Matt Miethe
Cameron Graduates (March 2003)
Cameron Graduates (March 2003)

It's official...Cameron's a graduate!

Garner, NC PetSmart's Class of 2003 welcomes Cameron!!

He completed his puppy training class with flying colors. #1 in the class with the 'leave it' trick.

Yeah Cameron!:)
Sly and Tigger, the Kitty Formerly Known as Prince (March 2003)
Sly and Tigger, the Kitty Formerly Known as Prince (March 2003)

Juliana, Sly and Tigger's new mom, writes:

I just wanted to give you an update on Sly and Tigger (the kitty formerly known as Prince... hee-hee... no pun intended). They are doing great! As I mentioned before, Sly is perfectly healthy. As far as Tigger, I changed his name because it just suited him... he's a little trouble maker, but he's still so cute!!! As with Sly, Tigger is just as healthy and extremely feisty. I've attached a couple of pictures of them to show how much they've grown... they're inseparable now! Sly is much calmer, but I'm attributing that to the age difference. As you can see from the pictures, Tigger loves the camera! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for your organization... I'd still like to get involved.
April (aka 'Sweety Puff') and Garbage Goose (March 2003)
April (aka 'Sweety Puff') and Garbage Goose (March 2003)

Hello Georgan & Steve,

Hope you are doing well. April is doing great!! She is one this month so we thought we'd give you an update. She is 58 pounds and very fluffy. Her nickname is 'Sweety Puff'. She is meaty and much stronger than she used to be. She still has nearly a dozen doggie friends. We are taking care of Matt's sister's labs for a while. They stay in the basement and yard. April plays with them for hours everyday (they didn't know how to play when they got here) then she comes inside and sleeps on her very own couch (the two seater). She still spends a lot of time being filthy. You can tell she is wet in the pictures.But that is okay. You will also note the goose in the pictures, in the house. She ate too much heavy metal and had to go to the vet school for surgery last week. She is spending time inside recovering. And Matt is building another fence to restrict her.

Thank you,
Debbie and Matt
A Penny for Your Thoughts (March 2003)


Thank you for bringing Penny to our house on Sunday. We gave her a new name 'Hava' (have you seen Fiddler on the Roof? the youngest daughter he loved so much was Hava) and at the moment use both, I am sure adding to her confusion but she seems to be responding to her new name as well. She has done very well and we are all adjusting fine. She is remarkably calm and seems to have no neuroses at the moment. She is definitely a people person and whichever room I go to, she follows me and lies down there. I worked on the porch most of Monday and she stayed with me at all times. If I went to get a glass of water, she followed, waited for me and we went back.

The biggest joke in our house at the moment is that I got myself an energetic breed and instead a couch potato to keep Peter company arrived. She is very content to lie down next to him and go nowhere. She can't decide who is better - the woman with the treats or the guy who rubs her belly, so she just sees Peter in a distance and already positions herself on the floor, ready for a rub - and he never disappoints.

Right on Sunday we discovered that our house has too many stairs and she was terrified of them. Monday morning she woke up at six and I took her out right away, but it meant going down those stairs and it was just too scary... But we worked on it all day Monday and she now even challenges the stairs by herself, not with passion, cautiously but does it very well.

We tried the leash and she definitely did not like it one bit and made it very clear that this is not her idea of fun. I also think she may have been worried about going away from the house, plus it is a street with an occasional car, so it was a non-starter. Zoe was terribly disappointed as she was hoping that we would all walk with her to school for everyone to see the new puppy. We told her it would take time but she imagined a puppy that would be there for everyone to admire.

Penny/Hava lost two teeth yesterday, we put them in a little box and Zoe wondered if there was a dog fairy that was going to come. Zoe lost only one tooth and one is very wiggly, so I told her she had to catch up.

This morning she already had far more energy than yesterday and we ran around the yard together for a while. The neighbors' dog barked at her from behind the fence suddenly, she ran for dear life to the other side, then stopped and very bravely barked back. It was extremely funny. I tried to teach her to sit and it works 'so-so', at times she does it well, other times she lies down, watches me and has no intention to follow any instructions.

Please rest assured that we are taking care of her and will do our best to raise her as a happy dog with lots of things to do.

Best wishes,

Ferby: From Shelter to Foster to the Lap of Luxury (February 2003)
Ferby: From Shelter to Foster to the Lap of Luxury (February 2003)

Please move the dog Ferby to the adoption gallery. He found the perfect home after one day on the website. The adopter's profile is exactly what we hoped for Ferby. She is elderly, retired, has another chihuahua who was rescued from cold weather and has frostbite on her ears, and has cats. One cat recently died at age 26. He will eat filet mignon doggie food, sit in her lap all day watching tv and reading, and sleep in her bed wrapped up in a pink baby blanket. He had a huge smile on his face cuddled up in her arms on my couch. So did Brittany to see the perfect pair together. She even gave us an extra donation for his dental expenses. Brittany painted his toenails blue to remind him of his Chapel Hill foster home.

Another happy ending... Nadean
Sage - Home at Last (February 2003)
Sage - Home at Last (February 2003)

When we first left on the drive to NY, Sage had no idea what lay ahead of her. And once we arrived she was still pretty confused for the first couple of days. As the week went on she began to make herself at home, as if she had lived there all her life. She was so excited about all the attention she was getting. In little over a month, Sage has successfully become integrated into the family. She and the resident cat are the best of friends already. She brightens everyone's day with her sweet face and wagging tail. It's clear that Sage is home at last where she will be loved for the rest of her life.
Callie's First Christmas (February 2003)
Callie's First Christmas (February 2003)

Here's an email I received from the young lady who adopted Pauline, sister to Stacy and Nanette, three little bad looking puppies I got from CCAS last spring. I almost didn't let her adopt Pauline because Pauline was so shy, and Heather works 8-5. After turning her down, Heather called me begging, saying that she would do anything I said to be able to adopt her. I relented, and boy am I glad I did. She is now Callie, and appears very happy. I had no idea she'd grow up to be so beautiful!!!


Hi Katie,

Hope all is well! I wanted to share with you Callie's first Christmas. This might be my favorite picture of her yet. I remember that when I took it, she flashed me a big smile. Such a ham! Anyway, she is wearing the raincoat she received for Christmas...which has come in very handy with all of the cold/snowy weather we have had. isn't she beautiful? :-)

Letters from Thyme's New Home (February 2003)
Letters from Thyme's New Home (February 2003)

Happy new year! Thyme is doing wonderful. she keeps me smiling all of the time. I love her more and more each day. She and I have been running quite a few times together and she loves it, although I've got to keep on working with her because she likes to cut in front of me and stop to sniff. I've almost fallen quite a few times. Oh well, that's my goofy girl. She's very funny. She loves to sleep in my dad's recliner and watch out the window. It was so funny the other day. Poor thing was sleeping very hard on the recliner with all 4 paws in the air and rolled over onto the floor. She looked up and me and started wagging her tail. I was worried but she was laughing. I've been trying to teach her how to sit. I'll pull out a treat, .put it behind my back, push on her back side to sit, and say 'sit' firmly. The first few times I think she thought she was in trouble because she started crying and ran away. I felt horrible. She and Seymour the min-pin love each other. When he comes over they play and play and then they sleep together for hours. It's very sweet. They have become inseperable. My dad loves her very much, too I'v caught him a few times petting and talking to her. It's funny to hear a 6 foot 300 lb body builder baby talk to a dog. Thyme and i love to cuddle and have bonded to be extremely close already. I just got my car back and a special seat belt for dogs and was gonna go play with the tennis ball at the park and walk some trails. She's asleep at my feet right now. So sweet. She says she loves and misses you. I hope everything is well there.
Love always, Jess and Thyme.

Hello, how are you?
Thyme and I have been having so much fun in the snow. She has taken to rolling in it until she gets soaking wet and I have to use the hair dryer to dry her. Goofball! We went to Petsmart together last week. Well,let me tell you it was funny. I was looking at pet beds and I had my back turned, when all of a sudden I feel a pull at the leash. I turned around and she was at the top of a step ladder, like the big ones that roll and are really tall. She just looked at me like 'look at me mom'. So funny! And whenever I go put my running shoes on, even if it's just to go to the mailbox, she gets so excited. I think that she really enjoys our jogs. We'll write back if you wish. I'm currentally waiting for the pictures of Thymes first week to be developed, but i promise I'll send them as soon as Iget a chance. Take care.
Gable and Abby (February 2003)
Gable and Abby (February 2003)

Hi Karen! We wanted to let you know that things with Gable are going really well. He and Abby get along famously, and manage to tire each other out every day. Abby has only been a little bit jeaous -- it's really been minimal. She shared her bed (blanket) with Gable from the first night. They've been out in the yard on nice days and rode around with Todd during a couple of days. Today they stayed home alone for the first time -- and there was no destructive behavior. So......we are really happy. Gable is totally sweet and I think he will help to calm Abby down a little bit. Thanks for taking care of him and helping us adopt him!

Laura and Todd
Gracie's (AKA Teensie) First Christmas (February 2003)

Joan and Rick,

It was great to hear from you. We apologise for not getting back to you sooner. The month of January flew by...... We had hoped to organise a get together long before now.

Gracie is doing GREAT! We had a wonderful first Christmas with her. We had our Christmas tree in the living room and since Gracie does not spend much time in that room, she really didn't bother with it. The packages under the tree intrigued her, but a sharp 'no' and she was on her way. She really made out on Christmas and got many new chew toys, a new collar and a new Lands End bed pillow. Rob questioned how many toys we bought for her, but she has not chewed any shoes, or for that matter anything that doesn't belong to her, so that speaks for itself.

We drove to Michigan on December 26 for a week. Gracie was a great traveller and perfect guest in the homes and hotels we stayed at. At Annette's parents house, there were 4 other dogs (Nanook, Aleeta, Kiera and Lucy---cousins we call them) and she got along with everyone! Annette's parents' 11 year old dog didn't find Gracie's desire to play amusing, but Gracie quickly learned to just lay next to him and rest...not play. The other 3 dogs are younger and they were happy, willing and delighted to play with Gracie! We were quite a sight walking all those dogs! At Rob's mom's house, Gracie met Gizmo, but he didn't want much to do with Gracie and she seemed to understand that. A few growls and she just decided, 'I guess he doesn't want to play'...and found a human to play with instead. We also visited friends for a few days, so Gracie met more dogs along the way there. In total, she had interraction with 9 dogs on that trip! She was so well behaved and we were very proud of her.

Gracie is still sleeping in her crate, but we feel she is nearly ready to try sleeping out of the crate. Gracie favorite place to sleep is on Kate's bed. There have been several times when we're looking for Gracie at night....and we find her asleep on Kate's bed. She sneaks in there after Kate has gone to sleep and snuggles up close. Very cute!

We hesitate to say she is completely house trained, but she is doing pretty good. She usually goes to the door to indicate that she needs to go out. Occassionally, she barks to go outside, but we're still working on that. She sits, shakes and lies down. Janet is trying to teach her to roll over, but has had little success. She gets plenty of exercise and is always ready to go for a walk.

She has grown considerably, but she remains very lean. She weighs about 32 pounds. She is getting some lighter hair....especially in her tail and across her shoulders. Her tail is very curly and curls around over her back. It keeps her busy....chasing it!

We'd love to arrange a get together. It would be fun to see Splash and Indy again. We would also be happy to include Ditto and his family, if you think they would be interested. Let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Gracie, Kate, Janet, Matt, Annette and Rob
Rufus and Arlo and a Warm Sofa (February 2003)
Rufus and Arlo and a Warm Sofa (February 2003)

Hello Katie-

We are well and we hope you are too.

We are celebrating our first birthday by doing our most favorite thing in the whole world... taking a nap on our warm sofa!

We wanted to thank you for the best birthday present ever... helping us find our very own home (have we mentioned we LOVE the SOFA?!!) and our very own family... with a dad, a mom, and even a little brother to play with us. They all love us very much and we love them too... we show them how much we love them by giving them lots of kisses and tailwags.

We are attaching our latest picture so you can see how big and healthy we have grown over this past year. We can hardly believe it's been a year already! ...Maybe it's true that time flies when you're having fun.


Rufus and Arlo
Athena: Buckwheat is 'O-Tay' (February 2003)
Athena: Buckwheat is 'O-Tay' (February 2003)

Hi Frances!

Thought I'd give you an update on our girl. She's coming along wonderfully. She no longer does the submissive wetting when it's just Pete and I, but still occasionally does when a stranger approaches her. Even this is getting better though. One of my cats had to go to the vet yesterday for his annual physical and vaccines, so Athena came along for the ride. She was actually very willing to walk right up to new people at the vet's office and let them pet and fuss over her, and she didn't dribble once! I was so proud!She's made quite a few trips to the barn at this point, too, and she enjoys herself out there. She's usually passed out from exhaustion by the time we get home. Incidentally, she's also passed out right now, on her bed right next to me. Being a puppy must be extremely taxing!

Puppy class is going great and it has really helped her come out of her shell. Next Monday is the last class. She is absolutely in love with Buckwheat, our Lab. He seems to be really happy to have another dog to play with, too. She's been great with the cats. She occasionally thinks it's a good idea to chase after my little Siamese, but she stops as soon as you tell her no.

I've attached 2 of the many, many pictures we've taken of her. She is going to be a camera hound, literally. She looks like she's posing in every one of them!

Best regards,

Kylie, Now Maple: A Real 'Sleeper' Adoption (January 2003)
Kylie, Now Maple: A Real 'Sleeper' Adoption (January 2003)

Hey Karen

We have been having a great time with Maple. As promised here are a couple of pictures of Maple. It is hard to get a picture of her when she is not sleeping. She goes with me over to my friend Kim's and plays with her dog, Calla, and tolerates her roommate's husky puppy, Chopper. I think taking her with me to visit friends has done wonders for her confidence. Tonight I went to a friends house for dinner and there were about 15 people there. By the end of the night she was letting everyone have their turn giving her some attention. We will keep you posted on her progress and keep sending pictures.

Corona: Training On Tap (January 2003)

Dear Beate,

I'm sorry we haven't been in touch, but getting back to school and work has been rather hectic. All the news is good, though. If Corona is half as happy with us as we are with her, she's doing great. We did decide to change her name; the beer associations were too troubling given some of Jennifer's struggles. So we're calling her Bella (from Bell in Beauty and the Beast, because she's a beautiful beast), to which she's already responding.

You were so so right about this match. Bella does know that Jennifer is her job. She follows her around the house, and greets her with special enthuasiasm when she returns. Bella particularly delights Jennifer by running to the window to say goodbye when her father picks her up in the morning to take her to school. Most importantly, Bella seems pretty oblivious to Jennifer's tantrums (which are never directed at Bella). Bella is also helping Jennifer get exercise. We go on a 45 minute to an hour walk every afternoon after school. And she is the easiest--that is best trained and responsive--dog I have ever had. She naps in my office all day untiil 2:30 when we go to pick up Jennifer from school. Bella has much enjoyed meeting the other dogs in the family, with whom she plays tag in the back yard until everybody's breathless. Jennifer's step sister Bliss brought her dog Sweet-tea for a double sleepover Saturday night. Bella was the most gracious host. Things are better with the cats; Bella and Anna get along fine; Pearl's still cranky but Bella's not as scared and even tries to get Pearl to play tag in the house. Some of their 'stuff' might well be playing at this point; I can't tell.

The girls start obedience class on Wednesday; or at least Jennifer does. Bella will start a week later. I promise to take my camera and will email some pictures. (I'm ashamed to say I haven't taken any yet!)

I want to thank you again for bringing Bella in to our lives. You did the hard part and you are obviously a great dog trainer.

Hope you and yours are well and enjoying a wonderful start of the new year.

Josh Takes Over (January 2003)
Josh Takes Over (January 2003)

We are proud to announce a new addition to our home. His name is 'Josh' and he's a four month old English Pointer. We were lucky to find him through the Chatham County Animal Rescue Organization. He has already made himself at home and taken over our hearts.

Welcome Josh!
Alexus - The New Child (January 2003)
Alexus - The New Child (January 2003)

We have happily adopted Alexus on January 20th 2003. She has become a great addition to our family! She is an excellent puppy that loves to play and is incredible smart. She has become the child that we do not have and a wonderful friend to both of us. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful puppy!
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