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Dahlia Finds the Right Home (January 2003)
Dahlia Finds the Right Home (January 2003)

Well, I just wanted to let you know that Miss Dahlia's progress is really rolling now. After I talked to you last night she came up to meand wanted her belly rubbed! She also spent the evening watching TV with Terri and I. She cryed when Terri left. She also went to the back of the yard for awhile and I couldn't see what she was doing, but she came RACING back like she felt relieved!

Then, this morning she went (I saw her this time), and also she let me put her little rope on in record time. I also shortened the rope again. She zoomed around like a little mad-dog this morning. She seemed so happy. She's also doing better going through doorways. She still won't go through without me coaching her, but her transition time is getting less and less.

Also, I must tell you, I've had a really hard time calling her Dolly. It just doesn't seem to fit her. So I've been calling her Daisy. I switch back and forth still, but she is responding to both now.

I'll keep you posted on her progress but it seems like were starting to get some momentum!

CoCo the Survivor (January 2003)

This is from Maureen, who adopted CoCo (aka Lucy), the dachshund mix momma that I fostered along with her litter of 3 brand new puppies, all of whom, one by one, died. Then, the day they took her home, CoCo ran into the woods and was lost for many awful hours. When I went to help look for her, I left my sweaty t-shirt there as 'bait' and it worked. They found her sleeping on it later that night. As you'll read, CoCo is living The Life.

Hi Holly,

I hope you had a great holiday. I thought I'd give you an update on CoCo. Her D. Mange cleared on its own. I wasn't about to let her go through another traumatic dip. Fortunately it resolved on its own. She had a wonderful Christmas with her own stocking and gifts under the tree. She is such a happy little dog and we all adore her. My family wanted to take her back to Florida. Her coat is a beautiful shimmery chocolate brown and her eyes just sparkle. She has been sleeping in our big bed for several months now and cuddles up to me. She sleeps in my lap every evening as we watch television and I love it. Binky and she get along just fine and they each have bones every day. CoCo has a sweater like Binky but she's not in to that just yet so we don't push. She's so funny and entertaining we can't imagine our family life without her. She doesn't mind the leash at all now and goes out with Binky about 4x daily to do their thing. The rest of the time they play, sleep in the sunny window and eat. Between my son my husband and myself she doesn't see the ground too often because she's being cuddled. Well I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Thanks again for this wonderful little dog. If you're ever in this area you're welcome to come see her anytime.

Spot-Angus: Fort Lauderdale and a Pool! (January 2003)
Spot-Angus: Fort Lauderdale and a Pool! (January 2003)

Here's another one to add to the statistics for adopted animals. Spot-Angus our foster dog dalmation/black lab that has been with us since July is heading for Fort Lauderdale, FL in two weeks! The couple adopting him heard about CARE from her sister who lives in Durham. She had met CARE volunteers at an adoptathon in Durham earlier in the year and she urged her sister and husband to visit the website. They did and were taken with 'our boy' Spot-Angus. They immediately put in an application and came to visit him while they were up for the holidays. They all fell in love with one another (and our other 'kids' were impressed with the couple as well- good thing) and hated to part (they couldn't take him that day due to an overpacked car). They have filled out the contract and sent in the adoption fee and will be back to get him in two weeks. They also sent in pictures of their house, their pool where he can swim in the backyard, the kitchen where he will stay in the day time, and the two cats they have (complete with Santa hats on). It was so nice I was thinking of convincing them to adopt me as well!! They have already gotten toys, bowls, a leash, scheduled their first vet visit the day after they get back to have him chipped, and would be going back to get a bed for him but they were pretty sure he would be sleeping in their bed with them! They'll be driving all the was up again just to pick him up.

Another happy ending. Now for the next one...

Cattle Dog Now on the Right Trail (December 2002)
Cattle Dog Now on the Right Trail (December 2002)

I am the foster mother of a cattle dog who was placed in his 'forever home' thanks to I am in NC and the people who adopted him drove all the way from Pennsylvania to pick him up. They used the Petfinder website to do a search and searched further and further from their location until they found the perfect dog for them - in Pittsboro, NC.

My foster went from a cage in a shelter where he was due for being put down, to a home on a farm in PA with folks who trail ride for a hobby and take him all over the NE trailriding.

Every so often they email me with up dates and today sent pictures of Sydney swimming and playing with friends he met on the latest trail ride.

Rudy, the Social Animal (December 2002)

Good morning. Sorry we haven't gotten to you earlier. We just got back into town from MD. We all visited my parents for the holidays. Rudy is doing great. He and Riley have hit it off. I think our trip was a little tiring for the both of them. They had a Jack Russell/girl to contend with this week. Rudy, being the social boy that he is got to be good friends with her. Riley tried to keep to himself and Robin. But before we left, Riley and Rudy were starting to play alot. When we first brought Rudy home, he stayed under the bed and only came out when we got low to the ground. We finally got him to come down the stairs and he stayed there observing us for a while. Then he would come down but only stay under our coffee table. Eventually, we got him to come out and sit and lay under our feet at the couch. He was sleeping on a little blanket bed we made for him. However after our trip, we have spoiled him. He's now sleeping at the foot of our bed on top of it. After three days, Rudy started coming out of his shell and playing with Riley. Riley can be so ornary but he has his moments when he wants to play and when he wants to lay around.

Rudy really impressed all of my family. They all said he was so well mannered and only had a couple of accidents. I've gotten in the habit of giving him a treat while he's outside so he'll associate potty breaks and treats with the outside. He's been nothing but a joy to have around. He's getting tons of loving from us as well as Riley. We love having him around!!! We'll have to take some digital photos and send them to you! Take care and I'll keep you updated.

Little Joelle: Larger Than Life (November 2002)
Little Joelle: Larger Than Life (November 2002)

Back in July, I took in 3 very small pups. Within 2 days, they got very ill, and 2 of the girls died. Standing alone was little Joelle, at 2.3 pounds, she had an uphill battle. After 2 weeks of twice daily vet visits, Joelle turned the corner, and became a healthy, spunky, beautiful puppy. She was adopted when she was about 3 months old. At 8 pounds, it was obvious to Dr. Bonnie and me that this was going to be a small dog. Joelle's mom was a Sheltie mix, but she looked more like a Chihuahua/Rat terrier with blue eyes. While we often hesitate to guarantee adult weights, both Bonnie and I were certain Joelle wouldn't go above 20 pounds, 25 the absolute max.

Joelle is now six months old, and her mom and dad sent me pictures. They love her to death. But, uh, the little chihuahua is now 30 pounds and it turns out she's a 'little' German Shepherd!!! Oh, well, can't win em all!

Zeke Flies to New Hampshire (November 2002)

Here's the latest on Zeke (my little Aussie mix with one blue eye) who flew with his new mom, Deb Lewis, to New Hampshire last week. Deb says that mixed breed puppies are few and far between up there because of strict spay/neuter laws. She'd like to help us arrange to send some shelter pups to a rescue group there:


I'm embarrassed that it has taken me so long to write to you about Zeke who the kids have renamed Skippy or Skip. He came through the flight with 'flying colors!' I worried about him the whole way but when I picked him up (and took him out of the crate in the middle of the airport!) he acted like he had just gone for a stroll around the block. We arrived to cold and snow and he trotted with his tail held high all the way to the car. He has settled in so well and is getting the routines down. He sleeps through the night in our bedroom with Turbo, has only peed in the house one time, loves to chew on my slippers (bad doggie!)and is so cute going down the stairs, his little bottom wiggling. We took him to the river, the local hangout for dogs and he scrambled up and down the sand banks and got all nice and dirty. He buddied up with a little jack russel terrier there. Right now he is lying right beside me (he's still pretty calm in the house) after an evening stroll around the block to take care of 'business'. He gets up every morning with Turbo and me and walks through the park. He stays right near me but loves to scamper after the big dogs. Turbo (who's now prowling through Skippy's crate looking for stray puppy chow) has been ok, growling a bit but Skippy has a bit of Maya in him and has held his ground. They are figuring out the pecking order. Tomorrow he goes to the vet to be checked over. We have not started formal clicker training yet but he already waits in the car until the release word and comes readily for treats (or not!). When we first arrived home, he ran to the couch and made himself right at home.

I know you've probably heard more than you wanted to! But we love this little guy and are grateful that you were such a great foster mom (his social skills are great) and that you allowed me to bring him home to New Hampshire. I am driving down to NC in mid Jan. but that is probably too soon to arrange something as far a the 'puppy express'. I have several contacts to call and explore possibilities.

Both the poochies are now lying beside me. What wonderful creatures dogs are!

More later!
Onslow: The Dog, the Man, the Website (November 2002)
Onslow: The Dog, the Man, the Website (November 2002)


I put the start of a web site together for Onslow earlier this morning with what is most likely your picture of him (see I showed it to Ann Marie and Ariana a few minutes ago, and explained to Ariana who the guy was in the picture below Ariana and that Onslow was named after him. You should have seen the look on her face. I think she has decided to not believe me as I don't think she was impressed by the picture of the original 'Onslow'.

Below is Onslow, along with his name sake, Geoffrey Hughes, from the British comedy 'Keeping Up Appearances'.
Nikki's Sixth Sense (October 2002)
Nikki's Sixth Sense (October 2002)

Dear Frances:

Nikki is doing well. She weighed 63 pounds at her visit to the vet last month. She is still as spunky as ever, although she has calmed down a bit, and I stress a bit. I figure that at almost 10 months, I only have a year and 2 months to go! Chewing is still a favorite past time, although we have managed to limit this to the toys and only a few rugs have had to be sacrificed so we are doing pretty good there.

She is my cuddle bug. She loves to just be near us, usually shoving something to throw in our face, but sometimes we have those rare moments where she just wants to be loved on. Her keen sixth sense is usually on and these rare moments occur when we need them the most.

She completed puppy training in May although we have been working a lot at home as well. Nikki has discovered that she loves to play with the frogs that have migrated to our yard. Usually she just paws at them and tries topick them up with her mouth after the pawing fails to produce the jumping result she was hoping for.

She is still torturing our other dog, Maple, but Maple doesn't seem to mind as much any more and has found the designated 'no Play' zones around the house to be very helpful. We have given up buying nylon/cloth collars for Maple since Nikki was chewing them up about every 2 weeks tugging on them trying to get Maple to play so now Maple has the chain collar. Nikki has found other places to grab...her favorite is still Maple's tail!

Every day our love for her grows-as we knew it would being previous dog owners. She has managed to finagle her way into every aspect of our life and every crevice of our hearts. I can't thank you and CARE enough for taking such good care of her until she found her way into our home.

Thanks again!
Gretchen and Mike (and Nikki and Maple too)
Shelley-Belle and Pony-Baloney (September 2002)
Shelley-Belle and Pony-Baloney (September 2002)

Hi all. For those of you who met Shelley-Belle when I was fostering her, or heard me talk about how closely bonded she and I were, here's the latest. (Shelley was one of two tiny little brindle pups pulled from CCAS last April.) Her new mom invited me to come visit yesterday, and Shelley was so glad to see me she danced and piddled on the floor! It was like she'd never left. Anyway, I took her a toy, a plush pony, which she and her mom and dad named Pony-Baloney. Here's a picture they took of her at bedtime last night....Shelley and her Pony-Baloney. Wonder if she's thinking of me!


Update 3/22/03: The picture on the right shows Shelley with her new brother,Munch, who was also adopted from CARE.
Princess Joelle (August 2002)
Princess Joelle (August 2002)

(Note: Joelle and her two siblings had very low birth weights, andwhile her siblings did not make it, the CARE foster nursed Joelleto health, and now to a good home.)

Well, I could go on and on about Joelle and how much I LOVE her - but you already know! She was perfect last night! She only whimpered about 5 mins when we first turned off the lights, but then she was SILENT the rest of the night - she didn't even wake me up this morning. I needed the alarm clock. But of course the second I gave her attention she got all worked up and then I brought her out. She was great she did #1 and #2 and I played with her for 10-15 mins after to give her exercise. She does fine climbing up and down the stairs of our porch. Alexis is home with her today, thank goodness.

Thank you so much for your care of her. She was lucky to have you to care for her when she was ill. I am so glad to have her in my life, especially since she is MY first pet (besides a goldfish)!

I will keep you updated, and you are welcome to visit her.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match... (August 2002)
Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match... (August 2002)

Frankie, a young male cat, was getting bored, and spending a lot of his time harrassing our 18 year female, Iggy. Iggy got around fine, but between age and her chronic renal failure, she did not appreciate being pounced on by Frankie, who was 3 times her size. Thus, my quest was to add another kitty who would get along with Frankie and provide enough exercise and entertainment that he let Iggy grow old peacefully. And, of course, I wanted to rescue another homeless cat.

In my experience, introducing a new cat to a household where there are 1 or 2 entrenched cats can be a problem. I decided the best chance was to go for a young female, as I have had some success introducing new females to existing males. With this in mind, I sent details of my current situation and needs to CARE, and requested they suggest one of their foster cats or a shelter cat (CARE works closely with the Chatham County Animal Shelter). The unanimous choice was Cleo, a 1 1/2year old female being fostered at Hill Creek Vet.

After a day or so of hiding, Cleo came out and was instant friends with Frankie. And, it kept getting better, as they now play, wrestle, and do some tentative grooming of each other. I am truly surprised at how well Cleo fit in and got along with Frankie - things worked out better than I could have hoped for. And of course, Cleo also gets along great with the humans in the household (at least those over 2 years old). This adoption highlights the value of working with a conscientious and knowledgable rescue group like CARE.

Oh yes - I also happen to be the Webmaster for CARE. And, if you are wondering, Iggy does NOT take kindly to Cleo - Cleo has learned to steer clear of the 5 pound 'old lady'. But, Iggy should appreciate the new serenity brought about by Cleo and Frankie's friendship.

Ok, so it's not a story of a daring rescue, the liberation of an abused animal, a last second rescue from a shelter, or a rehabilitated personality. But it is a happy ending, with another cat finding a caring guardian, and thus making room for the foster to bring in one more homeless cat waiting for its forever home.

Below are pictures of Cleo and her new best friend, Frankie.
Franco at Home (August 2002)
Franco at Home (August 2002)

Franco is right at home.....

I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!

He is such a sweatheart!! He had no accidents last night and when Anthony got up at 6:00am I gave Anthony a water bottle and after he was back to sleep, Franco and I took a long walk through my neighborhood. What a charmer!!! My neighbors just adore him and can't believe how gentle he is.

Franco has now discovered that breakfast can be a great time sitting between two kids eating cheerios!! Nicki never ate them so Franco decided he would do the floor cleaning. Anthony laughs at the noise Franco makes when he crunches on them.

Franco is now fast asleep at my feet under the computer desk. It's almost time for me to bring Alicia to pre-school so I have to go, but I will update you more later.

Jackson: Unchained, Banned from Petsmart (August 2002)
Jackson: Unchained, Banned from Petsmart (August 2002)

Jackson was owner surrendered by a family that left him outside chained to a tree. As a foster dog, he got banned from the Petsmart adoption days on a bum rap...

As you can see below, Jackson has finally found his place in life!
Milo, a Southern Dog in Brooklyn (August 2002)

Hi, Pam. Thought I'd say hello (who says New Yorkers aren't friendly?).

Milo is the best dog in the world. He has turned out to be a good swimmer, as we discovered on vacation in Pennsylvania on a hiking/camping trip. I think he surprised himself. He does a mean doggie paddle. He also swam at the pool at my daughter's camp on visiting day.

Milo is now a graduate of both Puppy Kindergarten and Pet Dog 1. He was often used as the demonstration dog in Pet Dog 1 because he learns so quickly and is so sweet. The trainer loves him. He plays really nicely in the park during off leash hours. It's funny how different dogs play differently. With some, they just wrestle endlessly. Others like to just chase. Milo will do whatever the other dog seems to want to do.

I check the Chatham Animal Rescue site every now and then and think 'I wonder who's at Pam's house.'

Hope you are well.

Gabby and the Cats (July 2002)
Gabby and the Cats (July 2002)

To my Foster Mom-

Thank you so much for taking care of me until I could go home with my new family. I missed you and having all the other dogs around to play with, but Boo and Chloe (the kitties) made me feel right at home. Boo even came to the door to greet me on my first day! I have my own room (in the kitchen) with a bed and lots of toys. I've only had one accident (tonight) and that was because my mom tried to get the dishes washed before we went for our walk. Oops! I have been to check out a dog park in Chapel Hill, but decided to hang out on the outside just to check things out. This week, I might go to a community concert AND a drive-in movie! I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

I've tried to avoid the camera, but there is one picture of me that I wanted you to have.

Take care of all my buddies!

Love, Gabby
Lukas Take A Flying Leap! (July 2002)
Lukas Take A Flying Leap! (July 2002)

(Note: Lukas was an eskie mix that came to the shelter with his brother. On his scheduled last day, he was taken into his foster home, and originallynamed Leo.)

Lukas is the most curious, bravest little guy I've ever known! He is so much fun! He and Rory pretty much ignored each other for the 1st couple of days. Rory had her nose out of joint because Lukas took over Raleigh and Raleigh has always been 'hers'. Now they are all playing together. The food issues have been resolved, there have been (knock wood) no 'accidents' and he loves being out in the 'play-pen'.

Yesterday we took a chance and left them all in the house while we took our grandson to the doctor. We were gone a couple of hours and came home to a house untouched by doggie mouths, paws, etc. GOOD PUPPIES.

Lukas learns new things every day. So do I. I've found that you don't sit down with a cup of hot coffee when he first comes in! Flying dogs and hot coffee don't mix! He's ok, I kept the cup away from him but my chair is a little more brown than it was before!

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