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Panda Purrs (July 2002)
Panda Purrs (July 2002)

Panda is doing pretty good but she constantly gets colds on and off - I have been giving her really good food vitamins and the pills that the vet recommended every day - she looks really good even though she sneezes alot - she is turning into a beautiful baby ... I love her so much that I favor her which is really bad...She loves me too - I mean like a real lot she is very attached to me. Being out of work has been good for all my cats they are with me now sitting right next to me - she actually comes to me when I call her like a dog and gets up on my stomach and rolls around - she never learned how to purr but just the other day her throat was vibrating and no sound was coming out so I know she purrs it just doesn't make any sound - so I know she is happy.

Check out this picture of my beautiful baby..

I hope all is well.

Petey Shakes a Leg (June 2002)

(Note: Petey was originally Cleetus, a dog that CARE nearlyhad to have an amputation done on.)

Petey is doing GREAT! He knows his new name now, knows sit, stay, and come (when he feels like it!), and is the 'hit' of the neighborhood! I heard one of my neighbors tell him that he is 'a most welcome addition!' EVERYBODY loves him, and he is loving that!! I should have a fenced area within the next week so I can leave him outside some during the day. (Decided not to go with the wireless fencing.) He walks with me every morning, and he's got 3 special playmates (one black lab in particular) that he just adores wrestling and running with. His leg has not seemed to bother him in the least! I worry sometimes that the play gets a little rough, but it hasn't seemed to bother Petey at all. He's chasing squirrels, chipmunks, and deer (and a neighbor's cat a time or two!) and seems to be very happy. He's even learned to play with me some....he didn't understand that at first. He and I have a running battle about the couch (which he's winning) and he's 'claimed' a couple of shoes and a TV remote, but other than that, things have been just wonderful. He's even become a very good eater! He is really a sweet, sweet dog.........

Please come visit him sometime if you can. I'd love for you to see how well he's doing, and I know he'd love to see you again. Thanks, from Petey AND me, for saving him. He and I are both very grateful for the second chance. He's a great dog.

Hope all is well with you and all of yours.
William: Swimming, Boating, Golfing (June 2002)
William: Swimming, Boating, Golfing (June 2002)

I had the opportunity to visit William in his new home in South Carolina. William has manifested well to put it mildly! What a wonderful life. He is bonding very well with his new parents. He looks fantastic with a nice shine to his coat and a happy softness to the touch. After one week in his forever home, William is getting accustomed to having his teeth brushed, swimming and going for boat rides on the lake with his Mom and Dad and canine sister Elsa, dining on adult Science Diet and going for early AM runs on the golf course. William was checked out by their vet on Monday and given a good health report, albeit a touch of arthritis. They have him on Fresh factor and will take him in for base line blood work just to make sure his is normal internally as well. All the discoloration (deep purple) on his underbelly has disappeared and his coat and skin look fantastic. His ears were re-cleaned by the vet and Kirsten continues to flush them a few times per week. William writes to his former foster mom every day.

Best of Friends (May 2002)
Best of Friends (May 2002)


Keli has been a part of our family for two weeks tonight and all appears to be going well. As you can see by the picture, her and Jac have become the best of friends. It's a delight to see how they spend their time together, in play and just hanging out. No boy could be closer to his dog then Jac and Keli are and no dog could love its master more then Keli does.

Thank you again for the opportunity to adopt her.
Filling a Void (May 2002)

My husband and I brought home Necole (Nikki) on Friday, February 22. She is now 44lbs, happy and almost done with her first series of puppy classes! She is very distractable, loves dirt, grass clumps, sticks, rocks, bugs, playing in the bathtub, and is way too cute at 4 am when she puts her paws on the side of the bad and licks my face to let me know she needs to go outside.

She has helped fill a void in our house after the loss of another family pet. She is definately keeping our other dog (Maple) busy and Nikki has almost chewed through Maple's collar from tugging on it during play time.

I'm a bad mom with her recent pictures still in my camara, but as soon as I get them developed, I will send some your way. She does have all her big girl teeth now so I'm anxiously awaiting the restof the growing!

Thank you all for taking such good care of the animals and helping to bring all people the special happiness from the love of a pet.
Envy of the Neighborhood (May 2002)

Hi Katie, glad to hear from you. We've renamed Carrie ... hope you don't mind, but we actually named her after you -- Katie! She's doing well and is the envy of all the dog owners in our neighborhood. We've taken some pictures that will send as soon as we get them developed. She does great most of the time, but can be a bit of a handful on walks because she is so friendly ... she wants to meet EVERYONE! She already knows how to sit and lay down, and is getting pretty well housebroken -- only a few accidents here and there. We've been taking her on lots of outings to help with socialization -- her favorite places to go are the Petsmart, Duke Gardens, and Weaver Street Market. One day we took her hiking and she picked up 9 ticks! It turned out to be a good lesson for us in tick removal! We're getting a vet appointment set up asap so that we can get her flea & tick treatment.

We're also planning to enroll in a puppy class, which we're really looking forward to.

Thanks again for bring such a sweetheart into our lives!

Nancy and Will
A New Chapter for Duncan (April 2002)
A New Chapter for Duncan (April 2002)


Duncan did do a bit of backsliding and attacked our library when we were gone. It's fitting, somehow, for a writer's dog to love books. Now, he likes his crate and everyone is happier.

I've attached some pictures of Duncan and Boomer. Duncan has been great for Boomer and he's very attached to the old man. It took a while before we stopped getting the 'Isn't time he went home?' look from Zoe, our cat, but even she's resigned to Duncan's permanent resident status.

Duncan is so loving I don't know how we ever got along without him. He's a special pup.

Thank you again for all you do for these critters. You are blessed.

David and Jenny
Life of Riley (March 2002)
Life of Riley (March 2002)


I am Riley's mom. I just wanted to let all of you know that he is doing great. He's so smart, like an old man in a young body. He's calm...until we get around water, then there is no telling what will happen. He loves cats, so when the time is right we will get a kitten. He is Reno's brother, you know, the one from Ontario? And look at the resemblance between Riley and Annie. I wonder if she is from the same mom, because the way her personality is described fits Riley about 98%. He's such a joy to have, and as my first dog, I was spoiled because he was so easy to raise as a puppy. He was house trained in about 2 months and held his bathroom through the night as a 6 month old. I am worried that the next puppy or do we get will be crazy and wild. Thanks again.

Coping with Kopa (March 2002)
Coping with Kopa (March 2002)

I wanted to write and thank you for allowing us to adopt Kopa. She has been a great addition to our home! I also wanted to let you know she is being treated for demodectic mange, I know it is genetic and I wasn't sure if you needed to let other people know. She has a food allergy, and is suffering from a yeast infection in her ear...we have been to the vet several times and she is making her recovery. She is a wonderful dog! We just wanted to let you know in case there was some other people you needed to contact...

Thanks again
Caithlin and Jason
Claire and Roxy (March 2002)
Claire and Roxy (March 2002)

Hello Frances,

I ran across Roxy's original picture with her brother, Fred. It reminded me that I was going to send you a picture of Roxy. I thought you might like to see a cute picture of my daughter Claire acting like Roxy. Claire put her hair up to look like Roxy's tail. Roxy seemed to think it was fun too.

Thank you again for helping Roxy come our way. My husband claims she is the 'best and most beautiful dog in the world'.

Mary Jo James
Greta Bounces Back (March 2002)

For all of you who enjoy reading happy ending stories, here's an update on Greta, a German Shorthair Pointer mix that Karen Pool pulled from CCAS last November. She was then placed with me to foster. Greta had scar tissue all the way around her neck where she had been tied, and she was very, very shy of people and new situations, and had an almost flat affect. She was adopted in January, and here's the latest update on her:

Sorry about taking so long to get the blanket and collar back to you. We've just been very busy.

Greta is continuing to mature into a wonderful dog. She and Maddy have bonded, and we don't know how we ever lived without her. Her progress has been incredible all across the board. We take her for walks around the block, and she is great. In fact, she keeps Maddy moving along (who tends to want to go slowly and sniff everything). Greta acts pretty tough toward other dogs when on the leash, but is reasonably quickly calmed.

As a few examples of how far she has come, she now greets us at the door when we come home. When we call her name within the house, she runs to us. The greatest breakthrough has been her reaction to hearing her name. Now, she wags her tail. I can't tell you how happy we were the first time we noticed her wagging and smiling when she heard us call her name.

Thanks again for rescuing her. She has come a long way, and her true nature is shining through. She still has a lot of puppy left in her, we wonder if she is just turning one now. The other trait that has really come through is her love of people (which I know is quite surprising, given her past). We have had several friends over, and she warms to them quickly. As for cuddling with Amy and me, she is the queen. The futon barely fits the four of us, occasionally five, when the cat decides to join us.

We caught Greta allowing the cat to sleep on her head the other day. Needless to say, they are getting along fine. Occasionally, Greta wants to play a little roughly with the cat, and the cat hisses and slinks away.

We could go on and on.

Thanks again,
Amy and Jim Landis
Bailey Beats Parvo (March 2002)
Bailey Beats Parvo (March 2002)

We brought Bailey home on February 3, 2002. Within just a few hours we were thoroughly attached to this wonderful ball of fur. He loved to snuggle and give us kisses and he was the perfect new addition to our family. Two days later he got sick. He was unable to keep any food and water down, and even after he had stopped eating and drinking completely, he was still vomiting. We gave him love and attention to try to get him to feeling better, but he just seemed to feel worse. After about an hour we could hear his stomach gurgling over the noise of the TV and decided that enough was enough. I wrapped him up in a blanket and held him close as we took him to the emergency vet. The doctor told us that it was probably just worms, and since he had already had his first dose of deworming medication his body was just trying to get rid of everything. So they did a worm test and also a Parvo test just in case. After a few minutes they doctor came in with bad news. Bailey had Parvo. Parvo is an intestinal disease that can completely destroy the lining of the dog's intestines. Parvo can be fatal to dogs even if they go on treatment early. We were devastated, not only was there no guarantee that the treatment would even work but it was extremely expensive. After a few minutes I called the CARE volunteer that fostered Bailey, to let her know that Bailey was sick, and the other puppies may be infected. Katie was wonderful; I don't know what we would have done without her support through all of this. I told her what was happening and without hesitation she said to go forth with the treatment and that CARE would pick up the bill. Unfortunately one of Bailey's brothers was also experiencing some of the same symptoms that Bailey had, and knowing that Bailey had Parvo it was likely that the other puppy did as well. Bailey started treatment right away. We left him at the vet that night and told them to call us with any change. As we drove home we prayed that Bailey would be all right. After an extremely long night I called the vet to check on Bailey. He was doing extremely well, awake and barking at everyone, wanting to play. He still was not 100%, but things were looking good. The vet wanted to keep him for observation for a little while longer but we were welcome to come visit him. That evening after work we went to see Bailey. He got so excited as soon as we walked into the room. He wanted to come home with us but he needed to stay one more night, just to make sure. The next evening we went to get Bailey and bring him home. We were extremely fortunate that we took him in when we did. He made a speedy recovery and is a very happy puppy. I don't know what we would have done without Katie and the staff at the Quail Corners Animal hospital. Everyone was wonderful with him and because of that, we have our Bailey home with us.
Harlie and Isabelle (February 2002)
Harlie and Isabelle (February 2002)

Dear Mom and Dad (you will always be my mom and dad, too)

I hope you enjoy looking at me in the attached pictures. I am very happy in my new home. My new mom and dad love me very much and are always kissing on me. My brother Harlie must love me a lot too....he is always kissing my head and my nose and lets me take over any thing he has. One of my favorite things to do is, after dinner, Harlie and I go downstairs with dad to help him work on his cars. He made Harlie a shimmy pole with some carpet wrapped around a pole in the basement and a high platform to lay on. It is now mine :>) Queen of the Mountain! It is so much fun to run up that pole when Harlie is chasing me and jump on the platform. He follows me but I will not let him get on the platform...tee...hee..hee...I hang my head off and look at him....nah, nah, nah, nah. We eat together, sleep together, poopy together and play all the time. I just taught him how to ! wrestle, so we have spent many hours entertaining mom and dad rolling around on the floor together. There are lots of pictures of us sleeping.....we do that a's very tiring being the QUEEN and demanding so much attention.......My mom says she will send you some more pictures every now and then, so you can see me grow up. She said to tell her if you can't see these very good and she will send you the files.

Love you, Isabelle
King of the Castle (February 2002)
King of the Castle (February 2002)

As you can see Banx is 'king of the castle'! Thank you SO much for letting us adopt him!
Full Nelson (February 2002)


Bill and I are so very glad we got Nelson last Saturday. He has brought so much joy and love to our family. It took Liza less then 48 hours to start playing with him and letting him get semiclose. We haven't seen Liza play for quite some time. She was very patient and careful with Zack. Nelson fit right into the family. He has adjusted like he's been there for months. Last night was his best night overall, although I can't really complain. He does not mind being crated, he just likes for someone to be close when he is in his room. I go to bed when he does, so he can hear/smell me.

He figured out last night, after only 3 walks that it's the time to poop and pee when we walk in the evenings. He has not had 1 accident in the house. He is very gentle and loving and very smart.

Thank you Francis for what you do. There is a special place in heaven for you and others like you.

Will keep you posted.

Nelson sends his love to you and his brothers and sisters.

Bandit was a Steal (February 2002)
Bandit was a Steal (February 2002)

We are having such a ball with Isaac-Bandit, that's what Makenzie calls him. He's such a good pup, and Bogey just loves having a playmate! Here are some cute pictures of the pup. He fits right in with the family. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Zoe's First Night (February 2002)
Zoe's First Night (February 2002)

Hi Frances,

Here are some pictures from Zoe's first night in our home. We sure have enjoyed her. She's a bundle of affection.
Letter from Vinny (January 2002)
Letter from Vinny (January 2002)

Hi Melisa!

I wanted to let you know how I'm doing. I love my new home! I have my own crate and they even allow me to sleep on the bed. I have some new brothers and sisters, too. I kind of ignore the cats, but me and Logan are great pals! We run laps around the house and in the backyard. Logan's kind of slow, so I out lap her a couple of times. I'm keeping in shape, though. My new mom takes me for walks around the neighborhood on my cool new leash. We power walk! I have lots of new toys that I hide under the bed so Logan can't steal them. I know I should learn to share, but I'm not ready for that! Sometimes I go to work with my new dad, and they say I'm going on payroll! I'm moving up in the world; I even caught a mouse in a storage room (though everyone was kind of grossed out). Anyway, I really like it here and I stick to my new mom like glue! She takes me for lots of rides in the car! I'm sending a picture of me, and one of Logan, too. I'm sorry she's sticking her tongue out at you; she thought she was being funny! Well, keep in touch!

Miss you!
Vincent (aka Vinny)

P.S. I love snow!!!!
Dry Wall Kitty (December 2001)
Dry Wall Kitty (December 2001)

Since I know everyone at Chatham Animal Rescue thrives on a happy ending, I'll share the latest update on Dry Wall Kitty!

To recap, Dry Wall Kitty was found dry-walled into a house under construction and had a PCV of 16 (normal is 35). She was so severely anemic that the vet had never seen anything that low unless it was a terminal condition. Four days after initial reading Dry Wall Kitty was at 20 and had gained a full pound. All blood results came back negative for cancer. Vet was still extremely guarded about prospects.

Two weeks later, Dry Wall Kitty weighs 7 pounds (up from 3 1/2) and has....drum roll please...a PCV of 31. Dry Wall Kitty is now a fully certified, vaccinated, loving, inquisitive, energetic, 'Cat'. As the vet said, 'I wish this cat could talk, I would love to hear her story!' I think I did the dance of joy right there in the examination room. I never dreamed of anything this good.

Dry Wall Kitty now has a name. in Torrey Homes, where she was found. She even has a home, a permanent one. My boyfriend adopted her after taking care of her for two weeks while I was travelling. My evil plan worked - impossible to spend two weeks with a cat on your lap and not want to keep it!

And yes, Prudence (now Heidi), a wonderful adoptee from your organization, is sitting on my lap, purring.

Wishing everyone at Chatham Animal Rescue the merriest of Christmases. You folks do good work! Attached is a photo of the now healthy Tori.


Suzanne Cross
Lonnie's Fated Home (September 2001)
Lonnie's Fated Home (September 2001)

To all,

Lonnie has been adopted by a wonderful couple, in an adoption story with more twists and turns than a Hitchcock movie. I received an application for Lonnie from Gail, who after speaking with her, turned out to be my grammar school friend in NJ. We haven't seen or spoken to each other in 30+ years. We learned we have a tremendous amount in common, probably more than in grammar school (although I doubt we'll be having any more slumber parties!)

Gail took Lonnie for the weekend, worrying slightly about her husband, who claimed he doesn't think it's time yet to get a second dog. He pouted all night Friday, cuz he thought Gail was sneaking Lonnie in (she was!). Saturday Gail went to visit her good friend, Jill, and took Lonnie with her. Jill and her husband David fell in love with Lonnie immediately. Jill had a golden retiever who died in her arms of blissful old age several years ago. David and Jill met right before the dog died. He has never had a dog. When Gail was visiting, David and Lonnie were stretched out on the floor, alternately exchanging kisses.

They wanted to keep Lonnie right then and there, but Gail told them it wasn't her decision. Well, I spoke with them last night and they are a dream couple. Jill is a therapist, and works out of her home. They have a big house and a huge fenced in yard. They love to go on long walks together. As soon as they knew I would let them keep Lonnie, they called Petsmart to see if they were still open - They didn't want Lonnie to go another minute without her own bed, bowl, toys, new collar and lead, etc., etc., etc. (I don't know why they bought the bed, I know where Lonnie's gonna end up sleeping). When they go out of town, Lonnie will stay with Gail.

Two other couples who are also friends of Gail's wanted Lonnie too. I think we may have to appoint Gail the CARE 'recruiter'. These couples both have dogs, and are thinking of another - I told Gail to send them our way!

Whether you're religious or not, you have to admit that some kind of fate played into this adoption!

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