Chatham Animal Rescue and Education, Inc.
Why You Should NOT Declaw Your Cat

The declawing of cats was once popular, but since the facts of what is really involved have become more widely known, it is now obvious that declawing is not a minor nor humane operation. Before making the decision to declaw your cat, please get the facts by reading through one or more of the references below:

In addition, one of CARE's most active cat rescue members adds her recommendations for solving cat scratching problems:
  • Regularly trim cat's nails.
  • Train cat to use a scratching post. She recommends the Felix scratching post:
    "It is tall enough for cats to fully extend themselves, it is sturdy so it doesn't shift when cats are scratching, it is covered in sisal carpet - better than traditional carpet, and it is relatively inexpensive. And cats love it!!"